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Smart Farm for Date Palm !

A platform to integrate all data gathered from the Date Palm farms with data collected from remote sensors of key biotic factors to provide, and for the first time, a comprehensive database of all processes and events taking place in the date palm grove which may has impact on the health of the date palm and its productivity.


Red Palm Weevil

The detailed records of pest incidents recorded will be logged. All treatments applied, timing and outcome will also be recorded using acoustic detection equipment. This will provide the bases of management strategies to any emerging trends and hot spots may be identified. Such data will not be confined to the memory of the farm workers but will be permanently recorded on the cloud and made available remotely at any time to the farm owner and his technical advisers. 


Cost effective Annual
Health Check

I-Palm is offering a practical and cost-effective approach to total screening the farms regularly (annually, half yearly or quarterly subject to the infestation risk level) using acoustic detection equipment. Date Palm Health Check will be a huge step forward in RPW management providing the first step toward a systematic RPW management and containment with potentially substantial reduction in non-target pesticide applications



i-Palm is a synergistic outcome of combined efforts of Russell IPM Ltd (with thirty years of experience in Integrated Pest Management, working the fields and knowing what the farmers need and the skills of a team of brilliant experts with over 10 years’ experience in electronic engineering, communication engineering and computer sciences. It is a multi-disciplinary team from both commercial and academic backgrounds committed to deliver something which is truly unique in its approach and outcome.


I-Palm is a scalable platform open for addition of other factors which may need to be included in the future by mobile phone application or IoT based devises. It is open for collaboration with Universities and research institutes to progress relevant research in the various aspects of Date palm health and productivity


For the first time, data relating infestation with Red Palm Weevil, treatment protocols, progress of such treatment, pheromone traps and cleaning and pruning procedures will be put through an artificial intelligence protocols to identify trends in the behaviour of the pest and predict its preferred rout to infecting the next tree. Such information will be of immense value in developing the next generation management strategies of RPW locally and nationally. Similar analysis can be conducted to forecast the behaviour of other key pests.





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Our Aim is to harness the skill and knowledge of the sector, channel it to a modern cloud-based platform, utilise the data to improve the sector, underpin its ability to overcome the RPW challenge, improve its productivity and finally prepare it to embrace new technologies in the process


Date Palm production is a key ecumenical activity in the MENA countries (Middle East and North Africa) affecting the life of millions of farmers and farm workers. The sector is still largely relying on manual efforts in most operations. Information technology is hardly used and if used, it is fragmented and unshared.


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